If you want to go crazy, why not Black? Or even Red! The answer, white is a colour that exudes simplicity and cleanliness. The clean and pure hue allows for clear and straightforward communication, which reflects peace and tranquillity. White may imply creativity, likened to a white canvas with endless possibilities, in the same way as other colours do at large, how!

Let’s explore.

There is no definitive answer to this question, why only white box as it depends on personal preference and the specific design for the product. Some designers might choose to use a white background because it creates a clean and simple appearance.

While others might prefer a black background to create a more dramatic or eye-catching effect. Some people might prefer to use different colours for their backgrounds, depending on the overall tone they are trying to create.

Ultimately, it is up to the demand to decide which colour palette works best for their project. But white rules overall.

What The Heck Is That?

It’s not just a white background! Well, It’s actually more than that. Other than giving you a white colour, it has some other features which are really opposed to being turned off on your box.

The Design Features on White Corrugated Boxes:

  • The first impression of customers

Turn your viewers into customers with printed contrasting lines on a white storage box.

Shape white carton boxes with clean and elegant lines. The contrast will make the packaging more concise. Especially for fashion brands, a simple white box can better reflect brand value.

  • Convenient transportation from one just box to the marketing mix:

On the wholesale white box, a clear jewellery design is particularly evident. When you go for corrugated board production, using the colour printing process wastes a lot of effort and time. At this point, if you want to use a white colour box with patterns to complete the outer packing requirements, your cost will be justifiable.

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Meanwhile, the “white” colour gives a full advantage for low labour costs than ordinary paper carton surface printing. It is worth mentioning that white mailing packaging boxes in Australia are like ordinary paper cartons without any change. It corresponds to the wide range of products, such as food and beverages, with raw materials, and so on.

  • Shape with Features

Shaping a piece of cardboard white gift box is simple but elegant and lavish.

Front features can improve the brand value of product packaging boxes. More attractive shape, small size (volume) is also appropriate for storage space requirements placed on the shelves.

  • Economic cost

Some traditional brands in order to save costs choose no minimum white boxes with a simple design style to better protect their market expense.

Some Tips for Choosing Colours On White Background Boxes:

  • Choose colours that complement each other rather than clash.
  • Think about the mood you want to create for users that forces them to buy your product.
  • Link the colour of your background to those used in other elements such as printed images, logos, or typography.
  • Use a single colour for simplicity and consistency.

Why Should You Choose a White Shipping Box?

A one-size white corrugated shipping box fits multiple purposes. Hence its versatility is greater than that of a brown or kraft corrugated box. Here we discuss the many reasons why you should start using more of these boxes in your supply chain.

  • Strength and Durability:

As compared to the weight with flimsy brown and kraft corrugated boxes, white cardboard is stronger and more durable. We cannot deny that small items such as pizza will be better protected in strong, sturdy white boxes.

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It is always a high cost when it comes to transporting big items. This makes a clear case for stronger packaging materials. If you want heavier shipments to get through without damage and high cost, then opt for something like a white corrugated box is worth considering.

  • Avoid Odours:

Since we all know that brown and kraft corrugated bulk boxes contain recycled paper, they do absorb unpleasant odours from the items placed within them. If you like your food items to smell fresh and be in good condition when they reach your customer, then consider using a strong white corrugated box.

Also, since white cardboard is made from pulp rather than recycled paper, it does not give off any odour over time. They also provide enough cushioning to keep your products safe even when stacking heavy items atop each other during transportation.

  • Durable Printing:

A common problem with brown and kraft corrugated boxes is that their printing tends to fade and wear off easily. This is not the case with white cardboard shipping boxes. Printing on these boxes stays bright and legible for much longer, giving your business a more professional look overall. Moreover, you can print whatever design or logo you like on a white shipping box without having to worry about it becoming illegible over time.

  • Easier to Assemble:

Brown and kraft corrugated wholesale boxes are often difficult to assemble, as they require glueing, taping or stapling. They are easy to put together and do not involve any complicated assembly steps. You just need to fold them into shape, and they are ready for use.

They also usually come with appropriate folds that make them easy to assemble, even for beginners.

  • More Eco-Friendly:

We all know that using recycled paper is better for the environment. Brown and kraft corrugated boxes are made from recycled paper, while white box contains pulp only. Since they do not require any recycling but still these boxes are more eco-friendly, like brown or kraft ones. They also leave less carbon footprint since they do not require extra manufacturing processes to recycle them for another use.

  • Less Storage Space Required:

The white box takes up much less storage space than something like a brown box does. The reason is simple; they are cool and thin. If you have a limited warehouse or storage area, then using these custom boxes can be a wise decision. You can easily stack them up and save a lot of space in the process.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should start using white boxes in your supply chain. They are stronger and more durable than brown or kraft boxes. Do not absorb unpleasant odours, have durable printing that does not fade over time, are easy to assemble, and take up less storage space.

So, if you are looking for an all-around better custom packaging company, then go with cardboard boxes!

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