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“Good marketing makes the company smart. Great marketing makes the customers feel smart.” But how can you do that?

The answer is simple! By Surprising Ways That Custom Printed Boxes Will Actually
Save You Money! It’s a great idea to open the doors to success.

Spending on packaging may not sound decent to many manufacturers, but it can save significant amounts of money for businesses. Spending some cash on custom boxes is a short-term investment, but it will save you significant amounts in the long run.

Packaging is not just your product’s outer appearance, but it acts as a brand ambassador for your brand. Custom printed boxes wholesale represent your company. Furthermore, custom printed boxes are an opportunity for businesses to save their dollars.

What Is Packaging, Really?

“Packaging Can Be Theater It Can Create A Story!”

High-quality packaging, whether it is food packaging, beauty packaging, electronics packaging, or packaging of a piece of clothing, has a worthy purpose why it is there. Take a moment to memorize the last product you bought. Was it something to eat, drink, smear, or wear?

Now that you have the product in your mind, could you tell what impression its packaging conveys to you? What image comes initially to your mind? Do you think about its security, design, or looks? Or maybe its role as a protector of its contents?

What is similar in everyday goods is that they come in the same packaging. Packaging has many different and advantageous roles.

These include providing defense, safety, enhanced usability, striking looks, optimal design, and specific consumer requirements, naming a few.

Why does Packaging Matters For Your Business?

Packaging supports define your brand. Either way, your packaging plays a significant role in how your customers interact with your brand.

It can help you spot your brand from others through its color, shape, design, and style. Personalize Your Product With Our Custom Packaging Boxes! It’s a powerful marketing tool that informs people about the product and your brand.

But if you want to buy these custom printed boxes, contact us at PlusPrintersAU. We provide you with the best custom packaging boxes. It is a guarantee to you!

Proper Packaging Provides Product Protection:

No customer desires to receive a product that has been injured, dented, or broken. Low-quality materials, lack of softening, and incorrect box sizes are mutual reasons products become damaged during the shipping process.

From the simplest function, the container should be defending your product.

Working with your packaging supplier to guarantee you are using the proper packaging will preserve your product’s reliability and brand!

Proper Packaging Strengthens Your Reputation:

Increase positive thoughts of your company through packaging that is sturdy to damage and gets your product into the hands of your consumer on time, every time.

Product packaging has a robust effect on consumers, so be sure to utilize the advertising benefits packaging offers.

First impressions count! Before opening the bulk box, your consumer sees the package to view your product. Use packaging to generate a lasting impression that will resonate with your purchaser and distinguish your brand!

When You Love Someone, You Defend Them From The Pain. You Don’t Become The Cause Of It. This Same Goes To Packaging!

How Are Packages Priced?

When you’re transporting packages, many diverse factors impact the total cost.
Weight: How ample does your package weigh?

Size: How big is your package?

Shape: Does the shape of your custom package affect the ability to stack or fill container space?

Handling: Is it a subtle or hazardous material that desires to be handled with special care?

Urgency: Is it a fast shipment?

Distance: Where do you source the custom packaging from?

Your packaging selection, from who your packaging supplier is to what packaging materials you use and your design, can influence most of these factors.

Custom Printed Boxes save Your Money:

From entrepreneurs to large brands, every business owner is constantly looking for ways to cut costs and save some extra cash. Companies look for substitutes that are in their budgets and beneficial for the brand. Custom printed boxes wholesale are now in trend!

Every manufacturer knows the importance of custom packaging boxes for the business. Still, this blog will illustrate how custom printed boxes can benefit your company by saving money.

Saving On Materials and Structures:

When looking for high-quality packaging, finding the best material and structure for your wholesale custom boxes is essential to your product’s success. It will increase your product presentation, but you’ll be able to enhance your brand identity through your packaging!

Pro Tip:
Customers Do Not Buy Products. They Buy Product Benefits And Experience That You Give Them By Your Services.

You may think buying the top-quality material is the maximum bet to ensure your product will safely make it through the shipping process to your purchaser.

Choosing the highest quality materials can be pretty expensive when they don’t need to be.

Keeping packaging prices low means being mindful of all the core selections you make for your custom packaging project. Minimizing your packaging dimensions to be personalized to the smallest size your product desires will save on your costs and be much safer for your packaging.

Here are some of the examples and structures you should seek when generating cost-effective packaging for your exceptional goods.

1#: Corrugated Fiberboard:

Corrugated fiberboard is made from three layers of brown kraft paper. This is considered the one you are likely most familiar with. In addition, this tends to be one of the most superior and common packaging materials. The reason for their popularity is the following:

  • Protective structure with cushioning qualities
  • Lightweight = lesser shipping costs
  • Simply customizable
  • Recyclable

Corrugated packaging offers extreme durability for e-commerce businesses that trust shipping their products directly to their customers.

With this material’s printing and finishing abilities being quite vast, you can use this as part of your promotion strategy to ensure your consumers remember your brand!

Corrugated packaging permits both exterior and interior painting. Using this to your benefit as an e-commerce business is necessary. It allows you to stand out in that crowded market or simply enhance the unboxing experience from the comfort of your consumers’ homes.

Remember: Your Happiness And Success Lie In You!

2#: Folding Carton:

A folding carton is one of the most acceptable packaging options for lightweight products. Numerous folding carton types make it a multipurpose packaging material that can work for many products.

Available flat or pre-glued, there is a lot of elasticity when designing folding carton packaging. You can select to create packaging with exceptional structural designs and high-quality prints, making it a gorgeous retail and consumer product option.

Folding carton boxes are also a well-known choice for packaging due to their sustainable nature. There are a lot of environmental profits to using folding cartons since they are 100% recyclable!

Benefits of folding cartons include;

  • Useful printing and finishing capabilities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retail friendly
  • Great for lightweight goods

3#: Rigid Packaging:

Rigid packaging is made from top-quality thick paper. Rather than having simple packaging that allows you to fold your box into shape, rigid packaging is a little complex and needs construction.

Each side of the wholesale box is individually wrapped, printed on, and carefully assembled to generate your box. The creation and construction of this type of packaging make it so costly!

Although rigid packaging is expensive, businesses opt to connect a high-end luxury feel and enhance their consumers’ unboxing experience.

Furthermore, it provides endless printing, and Eco-Friendly Packaging Are A Great Way to Ensure Sustainability and Success in Business. It also has design abilities to elevate your brand narrative and eventually boost your business sales!

According to PlusPrintersAU, 61% of customers say they are much more likely to repeat purchasing a luxury product if it came in the best packaging.

Rigid packaging influences the environment more than corrugated or folding cartons since more modules and processes are needed to create this kind of packaging.

However, because custom rigid packaging is also known as ‘premium packaging’ or ‘luxury packaging,’ consumers are more likely to reuse and keep these branded boxes for other purposes in their homes!

Rigid Packaging Is A Worthy Option For:

  • Luxury goods
  • Stability
  • Promoting reusable narratives

How To Reduce Your Packaging Cost? Let’s Learn The Simple Steps!

  • Research Your Options:

There are so many packaging selections available now. One custom size box doesn’t fit all. In fact, the most outstanding solution might not be a box at all. And How To Energize Your Business With Custom Printed Product Boxes? Get online and start researching the modern packaging materials, designs, and technology.

But if you don’t know about any packaging material, contact us!


Your package needs to be professionally designed, but it also desires to be durable enough to make it through numerous air, sea, rail, and road journeys.

Products to Consider:

  • The total cost of bulk materials
  • Strength for transport
  • Resistance to environment
  • Comfort of handling
  • Aesthetics
  • Government regulations
    • Consider Necessary Vs. Unnecessary Costs:

    Here’s a good exercise: List the costs of the package you’re currently using. Break down the costs into those firmly for performance and aesthetic only.
    Be truthful with yourself as you go through each line of this cost analysis.
    Can you explain the purely aesthetic costs? If not, can you remove that feature and add that value to the performance side of the package design?

    Questions To Consider:

    Does your product need an inner carton and an outer carton? Is the information printed on the box essential? Limit it to necessary info only. Is full-color printing worth the cost? Can you get away with red and white only? Does the package want a clear viewing window? Can you save money by taking off the label and printing information straight on the box?

    Carefully ‘Handle With Care:’

    There’s a time and place for all, including caution. But there’s no necessity to go overboard. For example, it’s not essential to use heavy-duty packing material for something lightweight unless it’s genuinely delicate.

    Remember: Your primary goal is to protect the product inside the package.

    If you do that, all the side paybacks will fall into place — savings on damaged products, returns, and replacements.

    • Diversify Your Packaging:

    The more low-cost printed packaging you implement in your establishment, the more money you can save for your brand.

    Many organizations don’t understand that you don’t have to commit to just one type of custom printed box — every packaging model has individualized profits, so why commit to just one?

    When you expand your packaging with different approaches and materials, you can achieve more wanted outcomes for your business.

    For example, sturdy corrugated boxes prevent transit damage, while dense, lightweight packaging decreases dimensional pricing expenses.

    When you spend on both of these packages, you can determine when to use each based on which would profit the immense benefit in the circumstances. For instance, you might use an impact-resistant custom cardboard box for delicate packaging items and lightweight.

    • Use Sustainable Packaging Materials:

    It’s significant to consider your packaging materials and how they affect the environment. Select sustainability by using recyclable materials in your packaging and Triple Your Brand Results With Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes Ideas!

    Converting to greener packaging strategies can also generate a more favorable reputation for your brand. Many consumers value companies that prioritize sustainability and select to support sustainable products.

    Applying environmentally conscious packaging methods can entice more customers to your company and increase revenue.

    Pro Tip:
    All Customer Are Your Partners in your Mission, So It’s Important To Keep Them Happy By Giving High-Quality Custom Packaging.

    You can attain more eco-friendly packaging by combining recyclable materials into your boxes, stuffing materials, and ink.

    For example, you can use biodegradable material substitutes like food packaging to eliminate waste or invest in recycled goods made of cardboard or paper.

    You can also go further into product sustainability by incorporating folding materials into your boxes. These structures make it more fantastic for consumers to tear down and recycle their packaging after unboxing their items.

    • Utilize High-Quality Equipment:

    Your customized packaging line should feature cutting-edge machinery designed to create high-quality products with the best speed and precision. When your equipment advances your production line, it decreases staffing errors, increases efficiency, and raises revenue.

    Suppose you don’t have the essential machinery to produce the best packaging outcomes in your facility.

    In that case, you can specialize and partner with a packaging company.

    Sometimes, it’s more cost-effective to outsource your custom packaging to an experienced business with the innovative tools, knowledge, and resources desirable to deliver the best results. This way, you won’t have to devote yourself to expensive machinery and spend time learning how to use it and training workers.

    • Remove Unnecessary Parts:

    Custom product packaging comprises many parts and components, but not all of it enhances the item’s value. More companies spend more on their packaging than what’s really necessary.

    To guarantee you’re not paying for more than what’s needed for your packaging solutions, try asking yourself the following key questions:

    Which parts are important to protecting the item? Any materials that safeguard your goods from damage are dynamic to your packaging and should not be eliminated. Consider getting rid of those that don’t offer protection to your products.

    Which pieces do clients like most? Some consumers, mainly influencers — post videos of unboxing goods, especially when the packaging elements are fun, exceptional, or aesthetically pleasing.

    Keep features of your custom printed boxes that stand out to customers, as they may gain special features in these posts and attract more consumers.

    Do any components lack a resolution? If any packaging materials don’t have a sturdy function in your packaging, consider removing them from your design.

    For example, suppose your custom printed contains an inner box that doesn’t serve a purpose. In that case, you can save money by eliminating it.

    • Commit To One Supplier:

    Sourcing goods from multiple suppliers can be expensive, raising transport costs and complicating processes. For example, suppose you decide to make changes to your wholesale packaging. In that case, you’ll have to contact all involved parties, make them aware of the variations and adjust all your orders, which can cost your business time.

    You can attain lower prices per unit without transferring costs across manufacturers when you commit to a sole supplier for all your packaging materials. You can also get lower prices when ordering products in large quantities.

    Are You Excited To Know The Key Benefits Of Custom Packaging?
    If yes, then look below!

  • Effectively Increase The Brand Value:
  • To distinct target groups, that is.

    Custom packaging fulfills the necessities for safety and acts as a virtual channel for branding. Your package is a noticeable object that the customers will feel and generate a brand perception with its quality and customization.

    From a purchaser’s point of view, imagine getting a product in a plain, boring brown box instead of a custom printed packaging, which gives a complete, sophisticated user experience.

    What will you wish to choose? An ordinary packaging or something which tells the story of a brand? We both know what the correct answer here is.

    The primary option is general and would not entice a purchaser. Still, the latter exceeds the customer’s expectation and builds a ‘WOW!’ moment. This single ‘WOW!’ moment can play an essential role in client retention and the power of word-of-mouth (WOM).

    • Add Attractiveness To Your Custom Print Boxes:

    Packaging counts as a significant part of the product brand and advertising. An exceptional packaging can increase the product’s charm and thus affect the willingness to buy the product.

    Packaging is as imperative as the product itself. Its purpose is to stand out from the shelf or website, improve sales, provide crucial information on the product and enlarge interest. Two-thirds of people say that product packaging affects their purchasing decisions.

    Packaging can also tell an entire story about the business behind the product and the product’s ecological, social and economic impacts. It is a tool to connect the company’s values and the product’s excessive benefits to the consumer.

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