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Leave the old-fashioned plain boxes behind and switch to a new and chic style of packaging your products. Custom box packaging offers sleeve boxes with logos that can keep your products secure and uniquely present your products in the retail market.

You have the freedom to choose from our variety of packaging materials that fulfil your product’s needs and support customizations. Also, pick from our modern printing techniques and lively colour models to create sleeve boxes that add value to your brand and facilitate brand recognition. Furthermore, our exclusive add-ons and finishing coats can take your brand to new heights with enhanced appearance and attractive details that grasp customer attention.

Design and create with us the most fantastic sleeve packaging to allure customers.

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Chic And Efficient Custom Sleeve Boxes

A sleeve box comprises two parts; a box and a cover to slide over it. The boxes are made of thicker materials, while the sliding part is made with slightly lighter material to cover the walls.

It is an elegant design for packaging that enhances customer experience and improves product security as well.

Sleeve packaging boxes are becoming popular and being used for various products. Kraft sleeve soap boxes and eye shadow sleeve packaging are commonly seen and liked by customers.

Click here to access our buying guide. It will provide you with the details of our customization options and help you decide what you need.

Advantages Of Custom Packaging

Custom product packaging has many advantages over simple boxes.

You can have greater control over the packaging design by opting for custom packaging. Thus, it helps you create new and fresh designs to allure the customers.

Also, you can decorate your custom sleeve boxes with attractive add-ons and finishing coats. Moreover, it can even display important information about the products and brand. Thus, it can enhance the customer experience.

Furthermore, custom packaging enhances the protection of your products as you have control over the dimensions of the retail packaging box. Therefore, you can create snug-fitting boxes to protect the products from bumps during transport and shipping.

All You Need To Know When Going For Custom Packaging

Custom packaging helps promote your products with trendy designs and details which customers cannot resist. Please scroll down and find customization options that can help you understand how we go about it.

Packaging Materials For Sleeve Packaging

We offer different packaging materials to choose from. It would be best if you consider a material’s sturdiness, flexibility, and strength. You can choose the one you think fulfils your product needs. For instance, you can order cardboard sleeve packaging or paper sleeve packaging depending on your product’s properties and branding requirements.

We offer you the following options in packaging materials:

  • Rigid Material
  • Kraft Material
  • Corrugated Material
  • Cardstock Material

Printing Techniques For Packaging Sleeve Printing

You can add your brand and product information to your packaging with the help of our modern printing techniques. You need to consider your budget, turnaround time, image quality, and design alteration requirements to pick from the following options:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing

Colour Models For Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Utilize our fascinating colour models to make your sleeve packaging boxes appear more vibrant and artsy. You can avail yourself of exact shades to represent your brand. Or apply vibrant and lively colours to produce attractive images. Following are the colour models we offer you:

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

Add-Ons To Adorn Sleeve Packaging Boxes

Apply attractive additional features that help highlight your brand and product information. Here are the add-ons choices that you can avail of separately or in combination to adorn your sleeve boxes:

  • Hot Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV Treatment
  • Window Patching

Finishing Coats For Custom Sleeve Boxes

Make your sleeve boxes appear neat and sleek by applying our enticing finishing coats. These improve the durability and appearance of the packaging.

  • Matte Finish
  • Varnish Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish

Prototypes For Custom Sleeve Boxes

Custom box packaging offers you a sample of the packaging that you design. These help you assess the sleeve box before you order it in bulk.

  • 3D Prototype
  • 2D Prototype
  • Physical Prototype

Check out our customization options in the buying guide by clicking here.

Custom Designing With Free Shipping Manufactures Stylish And Unique Sleeve Boxes

Printed box packaging has a skilled team of professionals capable of creating superior quality packaging that is versatile and tailor-made to meet your brand and product needs. We pay attention to all the essential details and try to precisely produce what our customers want. Custom sleeve boxes that we prepare are to keep your products safe and exhibit them intriguingly in the retail market. Our sleeve packaging will help you attract customers with impressive product presentations and an enhanced customer experience.

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