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The market is drooling over exquisite boxes to enhance the value of their products be it anything. From expensive perfumes to the latest tech gadgets, everything is packed within rigid box printing for enticing more and more customers.

Therefore, we at PlusPrintersAU are manufacturing ideal boxes for all our customers within their peanut budget. We have the best team looking out for you 24/7. So, you can always get in touch with them and finalize your box and its attributes.

Also, if you have no previous design ideas, our professional designers are happy to help you in this regard.

So, what is stopping you from winning the hearts of your customers with the aid of Plus Printers? Grab your favourite boxes and pack lavish products within them, no matter what the price is, your customers will come running to buy them.

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Perfect Materials for your Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid boxes being one of the chicest packaging materials in the market, tend to be of great value. All the wholesale rigid box packaging is considered to be quintessential for luxurious products like perfumes, watches, phones, and phone accessories too. This is why we at a custom packaging company offer an abundance of choices within the rigid material too.

You can come up with your custom designs and styles in order to assure impeccable sales of your products.

How Can You Find The Ideal Material For Your Boxes?

There is no doubt in the fact that materials play an essential role in the marketing as well as the packaging of your products. It is so because a Material predicts the shelf life of your products. For instance, packing a glass bottle of perfume in a lightweight material is the dumbest thing one can do. Therefore, we have professionals here to solve such matters. In the context of rigid gift box wholesale being a lavish material, we have got you covered.

The rigid material that we offer is more like the finest material in the entire market. Not everyone has it as of yet but we do. We pack all your luxurious products in custom printed rigid boxes for protecting them as well as boosting their sales 10 times. The rigid material is a durable and sturdy material that ensures all kinds of assertions your products need. No matter what product it is, the packaging is our responsibility by all means. Not to mention, but we have enormous choices available for all our customers so there is nothing to worry about.

What Enhances The Appeal of Your Rigid Box Printing?

Some people might mention the durability but it is not always the durability that catches the customers but the appeal. Henceforth, we have so many eye-pleasing customizations accessible for all our customers. No doubt, each customization has its own charm, there is always a way out. Also, if you have any previously existing designs you can let us know because we offer ODM along with OEM, so it is no big deal. However, even if you come up to us with no idea about designs, we will still cater to your needs. Our extremely proficient designers will do the job for you.

Greater Choices, Better Outcomes, isn’t it?

So, for this purpose, we have such gorgeous customizations that will catch the attention of all our customers within the least possible time. For instance, we have two sets of glazed coatings that are gloss and matte. Both of them are unique in their own ways and offer an enticing aura to your rigid cardboard box. On the other hand, the same is the case with printing techniques, because enhancing the visibility and brightness of your custom retail boxes with vibrancy is not a small deal, but our designers still do it for you.
Therefore, you must contact us right away in order to get further details.

Do We Have Any Special Favours To Offer?

Yes, we do!

Perks and favours are an essential step in order to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers by all means. So, to make sure that this comes into being, you might want to have a look at the choices that we have for you. Not only do we have free-of-cost samples but we also offer Custom Designing With Free Shipping for all customers across the globe.

The Sampling Methods Available at Plus PrintersAU Are:

• Flat view
• 3D mockup
• Physical sampling

Each one of these samples is useful in terms of analyzing the box beforehand. Henceforth, you must get your free samples now before others do. Also, place your order for as many pieces as you like now to enjoy some amazing discounts.
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