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Eco-friendly food packaging boxes are some of the most common boxes used in packaging food. These boxes are made from recycled paper materials and can be used for hot and cold applications.

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in eco-friendly food packaging boxes. That means that businesses need to keep on top of new trends for eco-friendly food packaging boxes to continue to stay in business and continue to succeed.

Now that we have introduced eco-friendly food packaging boxes let’s look at some new trends that are currently happening in the market.

Minimal Design Aesthetics

Eco-friendly cardboard boxes are one of the most sought-after products because they are environmentally sustainable and because of their aesthetic appeal.

Because these eco-friendly boxes are made from recycled materials, each box tends to be unique. It will have its own character and not look like any other box currently on the market.

Many brands opt for minimal design aesthetics that don’t crowd the artwork on the packaging.

Furthermore, this makes the customers focus on the vital information shared on the packaging, such as the product name and logo.

More Colors On Boxes

We’ve also seen more colour options on eco-friendly food boxes in recent years other than minimalistic designs.

We see more brands using colourful eco-friendly gift boxes wholesale to make their products stand out from the competition quickly.

More colours allow brands to make their products more appealing and draw customers in.

Lighter Weight Eco-Friendly Mailing Boxes Have Become More Popular

We see many brands using lighter-weight papers when they create their eco-friendly boxes.

Eco-friendly mailing boxes need to be lightweight to ensure that they are cost-effective. However, sometimes these boxes are so light that they don’t offer the same protection like other products.

Thus, you have to come up with a good balance that allows the products to be protected during shipping and retail handling.

However, it would be best if you also created lightweight, eco-friendly mailing boxes to ensure that you are not wasting resources.

Lighter-weight eco-friendly boxes tend to be cheaper to create, so businesses can spend the same amount of money but make a more significant profit because they aren’t spending as much on materials.

Customized Shape Eco-Friendly Storage Boxes

We’ve noticed an increase in custom shape eco-friendly storage boxes as well.

There are many custom-made packaging box shapes available to choose from, such as square, rectangular and circular.

The most common shape for these eco-friendly boxes tends to be square because it offers a lot of space to create the artwork you want.
However, brands are also opting for custom shapes that complement the product they are selling.

For example, a brand that sells a food item that is circular or spherical would benefit from using custom shapes on its eco-friendly food packaging boxes.

Some brands have concerns regarding eco-friendly storage boxes. Brands think that these boxes are not sturdy enough. However, that is far from the truth.

Eco-friendly boxes can include fluted layers that increase the toughness. Furthermore, they can also be thick. The thickness can help protect products against environmental wear and tear.

Eco-Friendly And Tamper Proof Packaging

One of the most critical trends in packaging has been tamper-proofing. Customers want to ensure that their items will not get damaged when they are in transit or on the retail shelf.

Tamper proofing ensures that products will stay intact until they reach the end consumer. That is something that many brands neglect, which means that their products end up with many warranty claims because essential parts are missing.

Instead, they should focus on tamper-proofing their eco-friendly food box packaging to ensure that customers get what they deserve when they purchase the product.

Tamper proofing is not only crucial for making sure that products don’t get damaged during shipping or retail handling, but it can also help increase the shelf life of items.

Thus, customers can enjoy the product for a long time before throwing it out because it has gone wrong.

Outspoken Text Designs

Imagine creating eco-friendly shipping boxes for Australia; you would want to include a design that would help it stand out from the competition.

Outspoken text designs are perfect because they allow you to do two things.

They highlight important information such as company branding, contact information, and product details. They also allow you to add text-based artwork that can be used to enhance your brand image.

Outspoken text designs work best when you can include large amounts of text. However, brands should ensure that the font size is legible for customers.

Illuminating Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes

Creating eco-friendly packaging boxes designed for food has increased my interest in designing products with an illuminating design.

These designs are essential for food products packaged in dark or translucent containers, such as yogurt or pudding.

The illuminating design allows customers to see the product inside, essential for purchasing it.

Food packaging boxes with an illuminating design often include LED lights within the package, making this trend extremely eco-friendly.

Colour Gradation And Blurring

One of the latest trends in eco-friendly packaging is to include elements of colour gradation and blurring.

Colour gradation allows you to create an appealing image that customers can see when purchasing the product.

It works well with recycled paper because it’s already pre-printed. Still, this design style can also be used on boxes made from other materials.


To sum it all up, we can say that eco-friendly food packaging boxes are the next big thing in packaging.
They offer a sustainable approach to creating custom shipping boxes that are better for our environment.
Furthermore, these products can stand out from their competition because they can be personalized with unique shapes and artwork.

If you’d like to know more about eco-friendly packaging boxes, connect with Plus Printers.

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