Three R’s For Everyone – Reduced, Reused, And Recycled

The need for smart packaging increases with the growing waste burden and its harmful impact on the entire ecosystem. Non-recyclable packaging is contributing to growing waste piles in landfills. Therefore, custom eco-friendly boxes are the only solution to divert the waste from landfills and reverse the environmental impact of packaging.

According To Research By Forrester Inc.!

The rapid lifestyle changes of the modern era have made online shopping an emerging trend. Conferring to a survey conducted by Forrester Research Inc., online sales reached 335 billion in 2015 in the United States and are predicted to rise more in 2020.

People now prefer to shop online while sitting on their home couches. It saves their time and avoids the hustle caused by getting stuck in traffic. Everything is now available online, from clothing to daily use products.

It is vital to select the packaging material for this vast market very keenly. Custom Eco-Friendly wholesale boxes in Australia are the solution. All it takes is a small initiative and a tinge of creativity!

Statistics Of Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Eco-friendly packaging has other names, such as sustainable or green packaging, which means it is a sustainable packaging approach to reduce the environmental impact of your business. It would be useless if you produce cardboard packaging material but fail to recycle it.

A sustainable approach demands the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials. EPA’s report of 2015 states that approximately 1.9 million tons of kraft or cardboard boxes end up in landfills.

In addition, according to the report, cardboard accounts, for 26% of the USA’s waste stream. Refining the packaging techniques and materials facilitates shipping processes and contributes to reducing energy consumption and waste.

What is the Smart Packaging Technique?

These smart packaging techniques play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency of your business by saving money. In addition to improving the efficacy, eco-friendly packaging helps you to earn a good reputation.

Eco-friendly packaging is ideal to use for various kinds of products. No matter if you have food items, apparel, electronics, or cosmetics, all of these products can be easily packed in cardboard boxes.

Eco-friendly packaging is the most famous packaging among customers, as cardboard is the safest material to wrap edibles. Other than this, custom-designed eco-friendly gift boxes are ideal for packing delicate cosmetic products.

No matter which route you are shipping, including land, air, or sea, the use of eco-friendly packaging can offset a substantial amount of pollution across the globe.

Educate Your Customers Through Eco-Friendly Packaging: Don’t Know How to? Read this!

A sustainable packaging approach is a two-way technique. It needs contributions from both customers and manufacturers. A product’s production phase and end of life use have a significant impact on the atmosphere.

Therefore, managing the production phase is not satisfactory; if you want your packaging to be sustainable, you must engage your customers. Educating the customers is crucial to join hands with them in an eco-friendly move.

Custom packaging boxes can be a useful tool in educating your customers and letting them know the countless benefits of recycling.

Make sure to tell the customers the benefits of recyclable packaging on your product package. Inform the consumers about techniques they can use to recycle the cardboard boxes at home.
For instance, these customized cardboard boxes can be a part of compost as brown material, representing the nitrogen ratio in composting. Moreover, always try to implement a green shipping strategy.

How To Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Smartly By Combining 3rs?

Other than involving the customers, it is also very essential to manage the size of products. Customization allows you to smartly choose the shape and size of your product, avoiding material wastage.

This way, businesses can offset their filler and cardboard material consumption. Reducing the volume or size of the packaging minimizes raw material and takes less storage space. This less storage will play an essential role in reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the need for transportation.

Moreover, smart packaging having right-sized boxes reduces the shipping charges by managing the dimensional weight of the packaged product, thus enhancing the efficiency of the process. These custom boxes are also recyclable and therefore reduce the environmental burden.

Always remember one thing “the future depends on what you do today.” So it is essential to opt for eco-friendly packaging to save the environment.

In addition to reducing and recycling, the reuse of the product packaging is also significant. Single-use packaging contributes a considerable portion of waste streams.

Therefore, pay special attention to devising your packaging designs smartly by examining each element of the current packaging that needs to be replaced.

The Best Versatile Choice:

The eco-friendly boxes and bags are widely available in various styles, colors, sizes, and designs, making them the best packaging option available. They are made from high-quality materials like recycled polystyrene (recycled cardboard and paper), aluminum, wicker, wood, natural fibers, etc. Boxes with windows are also available in a variety of sizes.

However, the more unique and stylish these packages are, the more it costs. However, for business purposes, using biodegradable or reusable boxes would be a great idea as they can be used over again.

These boxes, eco-bags, eco-padded, and envelopes are the best option for business organizations and corporations due to their low price and long-lasting usage.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World!

Eco-friendly Packaging- Reduce Harmfulness:

It is a known fact that packaging is one of the leading causes of environmental issues worldwide. Packaging is a major source of toxic waste, and its disposal has become a huge issue.

Therefore, using eco-friendly boxes and eco-friendly bags reduces the harmful effects of packaging and helps in the recycling process. Therefore, it is considered a perfect solution for all the hazardous packaging and waste disposal problems.

Ease Of Use And Modern Age Technology:

With the help of advanced technology and wonderful modern age designing patterns, these eco-friendly boxes have been transformed into highly functional packaging material. These are made from recyclable material, and therefore, you do not have to worry about their usage and waste management.

These are also available in various sizes and shapes so that you can easily select the one as per your needs and requirements. Apart from being functional, they are also beautifully designed to meet different customers’ exact specifications and requirements.

In summary, these eco-friendly boxes offer you an ideal packaging solution with a wide range of features and exciting color options. You can easily buy these packaging solutions from online printing companies at competitive prices.

Moreover, eco-friendly boxes wholesale are available at discount rates on various online printing websites. So, do not wait anymore and order these excellent packaging solutions from PlusPrinters.

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