Popcorn boxes are the market talk when it comes to the popcorn as snacks and their selling. Popcorn is loved by almost everyone and is the perfect snack for all situations. From movies to long conversations and roaming around, the popcorns fit everywhere.

You can understand the value of the custom boxes only by thinking of the end consumer. The attractiveness and beauty of a product come from its packaging. The customization of the popcorn boxes makes them unique and specific for the event or situation.

We at plus printers are always here to get you the best packaging solution, and we give you the packaging of your popcorns that get you the true recognition that your brand name needs.

Basic Statistics

According to research, the popcorn market in 2016 was valued at approximately 9060 million dollars, and it is estimated to reach 15000 dollars by the end of 2023. This is a massive increase in the popcorn market, and hence this means that there is a lot of scope in the market for a popcorn business.

We work by having a keen look at the trends and producing the most trending product packaging for you.

Why Popcorn Boxes

The popcorn boxes are a stylish, modern, and convenient way to give away the popcorns. The mini popcorn boxes are used by many popcorn sellers today to provide their clients with great ease. They have enough room to keep in plenty of popcorns, and the client can enjoy them, anywhere anytime.

The popcorns are best served when hot. The cardboard boxes help keep the popcorn healthy and perfect for the clients for a much more extended period.

Then comes the customization of the popcorn packing boxes that let you relate the popcorns with the environment. For instance, you are in a mall or a zoo, and the boxes can be printed with anything, which can enhance the customer’s experience and provide free of cost marketing. However, we will let you know more about marketing in further paragraphs. Read further to see for yourself the benefits.


Everyone wants their food to remain safe, and it’s a basic necessity. But with it, the food lovers also want their places and clothes to stay safe. The popcorn boxes plus printers provide are designed to give strength to the packaging box and make them all-purpose friendly.

Dress to Impress

Everything looks best when its outer appearance can attract and make the product look special. When it comes to food products, a significant thing to be noted here is the customers’ hunger. Colors can stimulate appetite and the need for the product.

Yes, this might be new for you, but look at all the food brands, and you’ll notice some standard colors in their product packaging and their logo and names. This stimulates the hunger enzymes in your body, and so you can also do this with your cardboard popcorn boxes to get a more significant number of clients.

Custom Popcorn Boxes

The custom popcorn boxes are one of a kind boxes specifically made for you and your brand. They are built according to your specifications and your requirements. Our team works with you to figure out your need and come up with the best possible solution for you.

The custom boxes come in all sizes and designs with an extra topping on the handles that provide an additional value to your custom popcorn boxes.

Types of popcorns and their boxes

  • Salted popcorns
  • Sweet popcorns
  • Cheesy popcorns
  • Butter popcorns
  • Caramel popcorns

There are many flavors of popcorn today, and they need to have distinguishing packaging. It makes the lives of the seller and the buyer a lot easier. The corrugated custom popcorn boxes can be a game-changer for you as they have changed the lives of many.

Wow Printing with Plus Printers

The beauty of a product comes with the printing services that plus printers are providing in Australia. We guarantee to provide the printing services that make your product look unique and stand out in the market. It is just not about the printing, but the printing quality as well. It’s the quality that makes a huge difference, and it’s something that we never compromise on.

Increasing your brand value

As a brand, the most important thing for you is your product’s marketing and the awareness of your brand name in the market. With the custom-printed popcorn boxes, you can do the impossible now. You can print all that you want with any graphics and messages and much more to attract potential clients towards your brand.

Custom printed Popcorn Boxes

The wholesale popcorn boxes are not just for popcorn sellers. If you are a business owner like you have a store, a mall, a cinema, or you wish to promote anything; you can get the popcorn boxes printed with your brand name or promotion and hand it over to any nearby seller. With the sales they make, you can get your free marketing done, and this is one of the easiest ways.

Wholesale Popcorn Boxes

Plus Printers is all about making the life of the clients easily. When we work with you, what’s most important to us is our relationship with you. We do our best to give to the best solutions for your custom packaging.

You can make more profits and reduce your costs by buying the popcorn boxes in bulk. What happens here is that you get a more significant number of custom boxes with the best quality to fulfill your needs, and that too at much cheaper rates.

Many companies in the USA today only like to buy the popcorn box wholesale as they understand how the profits are made. So if you wish to make the best out of your popcorns, we will suggest you do the same.

Rest be assured that you will get what we promise.



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