What is Matte Lamination, and what does it do? Matte lamination, also known as smooth lamination or smooth laminates, is plastic with a very smooth consistency.
It means that it has no pores in the material and does not have any type of grain patterns. These characteristics make it ideal for use as a protective coating on delicate items.

Why Use This Type Of Lamination For Products That Need To Be Protected From Moisture Or Scratches?

Because it will not retain dust or dirt, it will provide an almost slip-free surface that can be easily cleaned with soap and water and is available in numerous color options.
Not only that, but because it is available in so many different colors, you can incorporate your style into your packaging design. Some companies use matte laminate box options on their packaging to add a little extra design flair.

How Does It Affect The Way That A Product Is Packaged?

Gloss lamination is a type of plastic that is applied to a surface using a brush or roller. The image or text you choose to include in your packaging design is imprinted directly onto the surface.

Once the image has been applied, it will usually be heated to create cohesion with the backing. The image or text bonded to the backing will create a very smooth, shiny, slippery finish.

Can I Use Lamination To Reduce The Appearance Of Gaping?

Some companies create a “chemical” appearance where the matte laminate rolls hide any bumps or dents in the packaging. It can actually hide defects in the product, but this is hardly ever needed. Lamination is designed to provide a smooth finish that will adhere to most plastics.

Printed Paper Boxes

Because of its unique properties, it can also provide a high level of protection to expensive products. If a damaged item cannot be salvaged, the packaging company may repair or replace the product for a customer.

What Is Metallic Laminate?

Many companies prefer high-quality matte lamination over glossy because it is often used to protect sensitive electronics in shipping boxes and cases. A thick, protective coating can help prevent damage and moisture from entering the box, prolonging the product’s life.

Is Matte Lamination Black Enough?

Yes, it’s black! Even though most matte lamination film forms are available in various colors, a wide range of options is available to customize your order.

Companies can also choose to combine multiple colors to achieve a more even, uniform look. They can even match the film to existing packaging to create a seamless combination.

You can also use this lamination for your paper bags!

The Purpose of Using Matte Lamination:

Many home and printing businesses use customized matte lamination to protect their papers from the elements. This type of lamination is also used to create photo albums, computer prints, and even computerized archival paper.

Because matte lamination is made of paper, it is entirely paper-like in its appearance. The paper will never feel like plastic, and it doesn’t have any texture, so it feels sort of plush on the skin.

However, there are some more reasons why this material might be better suited to specific applications than others.

Understanding the purpose of using matte lamination for a given situation helps you make the right decision when choosing between different types of lamination.

Is Matte Lamination Protect Your Product?

Matte lamination is designed to protect paper from damage caused by overexposure to the sun or environmental pollution. One way that manufacturers ensure that their lamination stays looking new over time is to allow the paper to dry between protective layers of the lamination.

Lamination in Packaging

Another is to allow the paper to air dry between the two layers of lamination. Manufacturers also try to control exposure to chemicals in the paints and papers that can cause premature aging by using a low amount of pigments in the paints.

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What Is The Most Common Type Of Matte Lamination?

There are many different types of lamination available for other uses. The most common type of lamination is a tri-fold style, which allows for protecting two documents side-by-side.

This type of lamination is also available in rolls similar to letter-size paper. Some manufacturers make the matte laminate paper itself out of aluminum foil or plastic film.

Custom-designed matte lamination can be purchased in rolls, sheets, or single sheets. The roll or sheet of lamination will need to be attached to a backing or covering to be protected from the elements. The covering will determine the final appearance of the document.

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Where to Buy It?

Matte lamination can be purchased at many office supply stores. Other lamination suppliers can be found on the Internet. The Internet will have links that will take the consumer directly to the manufacturer of the lamination material.

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