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COVID-19 Update

Is it likely that my package will be delayed as a result of the current situation?

Plus, printers are known for their lightning-fast delivery. And in this critical situation of Covid-19, we’ve done whatever we can to keep this distinction. The average delivery time is 6–8 days. And, at the moment, we are delivering the orders of our various customers on schedule. On the other and, third-party delivery providers can take up to 24 hours to deliver.

Does Coronavirus affect the product or its delivery charges?

Plus, Printers loves its customers, so we’ve done our best to keep costs as low as possible, as we have in the past. The commodity prices are almost identical to what we had previously. However, due to the increased demand, the distribution charges have increased marginally.


Should I put a custom box order in this Covid-19 pandemic situation?

Indeed, you can put your custom box order with Plus Printer, as our teams working efficiently when adhering to all safety regulations. Furthermore, don’t be worried about your order’s arrival. We make every effort to deliver your package on time. However, our average delivery period has been extended by one or two days due to the pandemic. And sometimes it’s because of third-party delivery providers.

Is it safe to put an order in the event of a pandemic, or is it not?

Without a doubt, the situation is critical, and it has affected almost all. Even amid the pandemic, it is safe to place packaging orders. Yes, indeed! Since every company has started or is working on a solution to this global problem. Similarly, packaging firms have devised several strategies to keep the wheel spinning.

As a result, you will order your box package with the same satisfaction as before because Plus Printers is implementing all of the WHO’s recovery steps.

Is it possible to cancel my order because of Covid-19?

Yes, indeed! It is possible, but you must stick to the company’s policies. The customer has a certain amount of time to cancel his or her order. It is not possible to cancel an order after it has been submitted to the production branch. You can now cancel your order due to COVID-19 by following the order cancellation instructions.

What are your plans for dealing with this new Coronavirus in your company?

Various international health organisations have devised various strategies and safety precautions for treating and preventing this novel virus. Furthermore, printers strictly adhere to safety measures.

Our employees have been told to keep their uniforms clean and disinfected using sanitisers and other cleaning agents every hour.

Furthermore, the products and equipment we use in manufacturing custom boxes are washed regularly with cleaning agents.

Is it a good idea to get an ordered package from a Coronavirus-affected area? Is it safe to receive a package from that location?

Various research findings from reputable platforms such as WHO, CDD, and other health-related research centres indicate that the risks of Coronavirus in cardboard or corrugated material are extremely low.

As a result, if you order custom packaging boxes from an area affected by Covid-19, you won’t have to worry because the boxes’ content is less likely to contain a coronavirus.

What is Plus Printers doing to ensure the wellbeing of its consumers and employees?

We respect our employees’ safety and wellbeing. We have invested in ensuring a safe workplace, which is why we introduced several COVID-19-related process improvements at the start of the pandemic, ranging from improved cleaning and social distancing steps to providing personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.

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