Will my package be delayed due to the current situation?
Plus Printers are known for their fastest delivery mechanism. And in this crucial situation of Covid-19, we have tried our best to maintain this distinction. Our standard delivery time is 6 to 8 days. And currently, we are sending the orders of our respective customers in the said time. Yet, there can be a delay of 24 hours on the part of third-party delivery providers.

Does Coronavirus affect the charges related to product or delivery?
Plus Printers cares about its customers; therefore, we have tried our best to manage the prices as we had in the past. The product rates are almost the same as we had before. However, the delivery charges are a little bit increased as it is the demand of the situation. The delivery providers have revised their prices. Due to that, we have to add little ounces in the prices.

Will it be a sane idea to get an ordered package form an affected area from Coronavirus? Whether it is safe to get a package from there or not?
There are various research results from authentic platforms like WHO, CDD, and various other Health-related research centers that there are extremely low chances of Coronavirus in cardboard or corrugated material. Therefore, if you are ordering your custom packaging boxes from an area that is affected by Covid-19, you have not to worry as the material of the boxes have fewer chances to have a virus of corona on it.

Should I place an order of custom boxes in this pandemic situation of Covid-19?
Certainly, you should place your order of custom boxes at Plus Printer as our teams are working vigilantly by following the proper safety measures. Moreover, don’t worry about the delivery of your order. We try our best to send your package at the said time. However, due to the pandemic, our standard delivery time has got an addition of one or two extra days. It is also because of third party delivery facility providers.

Either it is safe or not to place an order in the situation of the pandemic?
No doubt, the situation is going crucial, and it has affected almost everything. Yet, it is safe to order packaging orders even in this pandemic. Yes! Because every business has initiated or finds some solution to this world issue. Likewise, packaging companies have found many ways to keep the wheel sunning.

Thus, you can order your package of boxes with satisfaction as you did in the past as Plus Printers is following all the recuperative measures offered by WHO.

If I want to cancel my order due to Covid-19, does it possible?
Yes! It is possible; however, you have to follow the company policy. The customer has a specific time in which he or she can cancel his or her order. As when we sent the order to the production branch, then it is not possible to cancel the order. Henceforth, you can cancel your order due to COVID-19 by following the said time of order cancellation.

What are your strategies to take care of this novel Coronavirus in your company?
Various international health organizations have devised different means and healthy steps to fight and stay safe from this novel virus. Plus Printers are following those healthy measures strictly. We have issued instructions to our staff to remain clean and disinfect their uniform after every hour from sanitizers and other cleaning agents.

Moreover, the materials we use or the machines we utilize in the production of custom boxes are cleaned with cleaning agents regularly.


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