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The market is flooded with pizza makers who deliver exceptional taste at a fraction of the cost. You need personalized pizza boxes that stand out from the crowd in this competitive environment.

When buying pizza boxes in bulk, the manufacturer offers customization options. Custom pizza boxes have many advantages over their standard counterparts

Why Is It A Better Choice To Invest In Pizza Boxes?

Customarily wholesale pizza boxes can help you connect with your customers personally. It has long been proven that customized packaging is more likely to grab customer attention than the standard fare.

Since you know what your customers want, it’s time to give them what they’re looking for by offering them something that stands out from the competition.

The pizza box design should attract your target market. A creative design enhances your brand’s image. It also sends a message about the quality of your pizzas and serves as a customer magnet.
Here are some tips to help you make the most of custom printed pizza boxes:

Tip#1: Use Images And Graphics

People love customized images. Putting photographs of your staff members on the pizza boxes is an excellent way to bond with customers.

You can also place pictures of the pizzas or other food items you sell and promotional images for related goods and services.

Your pizza box printing should have a central theme that ties all your other marketing efforts into a cohesive message.

Tip#2: Use Bright And Contrasting Colours

The color scheme should blend well with the design of the wholesale pizza box. The use of bright colors will highlight important content. Still, you also need to consider what appeals to your target market.

If your pizzas are spicy, using red and yellow colors will make the boxes stand out against your competition.

However, that is not the only way to use colors. You can decorate your pizza box packaging with brand-accurate shades as well. That will allow you to retain a consistent color scheme across all your marketing materials.

Tip#3: Use QR Codes

You can use this technology to provide coupons or download unique content such as games, videos, or music.

Adding QR codes allows you to expand your marketing campaigns without increasing the cost of printing.

Tip#4: Consider Customer Feedback

If you want to stand out, don’t just come up with a practical design for your cardboard pizza boxes; consider what your customers actually want. You can conduct surveys or run focus groups to determine your target market needs.

Customers don’t only want value for their money; they also look for products that match their lifestyle.

For instance, if you want to sell vegetarian pizzas, the design of your boxes should convey that message clearly. You can use photos or diagrams of vegetables to convince customers.

Tip#5: Maintain Consistency For Brand Identity

Your business needs to stand out, but you also need consistency to build a strong brand. You can’t create customized pizza boxes that use different designs every time you make an order.

Your customers will quickly lose interest if your products look so different from each other—even when they are all made by you.

Personalized pizza boxes should be an extension of your brand identity. You can continue to attract customers even as their tastes change over time.

Tip#6: Incorporate Special Features

Suppose you’re tired of using the same old customized pizza boxes, printing ideas repeatedly. In that case, you can try new and innovative ideas.

For instance, you can include a particular area for customers to write their initials. That’s a great way of promoting your brand as it makes your pizzas more memorable to those who buy them.

Your personalized pizza boxes should highlight the personal nature of your food items and what they have to offer.

Tip#7: Try Various Box Shapes

Customers have grown tired of the square pizza box. They want something unique. That is where you can come in with exciting box shapes.

If you’re planning to print boxes that will be used for other purposes, you need to create a unique design that can’t just be folded into a box.

For instance, if your pizzas are round in shape, you should try using a hexagonal box. That will ensure that your food items don’t get squashed in transit.

Furthermore, the different shapes will help set your brand apart from the competitors in the industry.

Tip#8: Combine Finishing Coats

You can make the exterior of your wholesale pizza boxes stand out with contrasting colors. Why not try a matte finish on one half and a gloss finish (What Is Glossy Lamination? Are You Excited To Know?) on the other?
That will help you highlight all the critical information on your packaging. In addition, it will help create an everlasting impression on customers.

Tip#9: Think Of Durability

Customers are always looking for products that are worth paying for. Earlier, cardboard pizza boxes were used to transport pizzas to customers’ homes or offices.

However, the material used now is much more durable and sustainable (Why Are Corrugated So Famous?

Let’s Find Out The Reason!). You can use customized pizza box packaging to transport more delicate items.

Furthermore, you can use sturdy packaging materials to ship your products long distances, even overseas.


To sum it all up, a personalized pizza box is a great way to give your brand an edge over the competition. Also, it’s a quick and easy solution to make your food items stand out from the crowd. If you want your pizzas to be memorable, consider using special features such as QR codes or customer feedback surveys.

In addition, don’t forget to maintain consistency for brand identity. Try various Custom Designing With Free Shipping shapes and consider contrasting finishing coats if you want to stand out. Last but not least, think of durability when you’re working on your design ideas.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your customized pizza boxes will sell like hotcakes!

And if you are interested in getting such pizza boxes in bulk, feel free to contact Plus Printers. Our experts can help you design and manufacture custom boxes that match your brand’s value proposition.

Let us know if you need further information about our pizza box printing services. Our friendly team members are looking forward to speaking with you today!

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