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Everybody loves large popcorn boxes. They hold the promise of lots of popcorn. And, even if you’re not hungry when you leave the movie theatre, it’s nice to have something to snack on later in the car or just for fun.

Customized popcorn boxes can be made in almost any colour and include your logo, custom design or message. It’s easy to get started with just a quick chat about what you want the boxes to look like then we’ll go ahead and get them made.

However, before beginning, we believe that our clients should be empowered with their ideas about making printed popcorn boxes in bulk.

They should know the immense potential of personalized popcorn boxes in capturing the audience and showcasing the brand.

Whether you want to make simple white popcorn boxes or wholesale mini popcorn boxes, these nine tips can guarantee extraordinary results.

Let’s begin.

#1: Decide The Colour

Colour is essential as it portrays your brand and helps you connect with the audience.

For example, if it’s a kids’ movie, you can make simple white popcorn boxes with their favourite cartoon characters drawn on them. For action movies made for adults, they like to see the movie’s stars on the cover.

Customizing your large popcorn boxes according to the event is a good way of giving customers a unique experience.

By doing so, you instantly connect with your target audience and help them remember you.

#2: Think About Your Brand

Branding is all about consistency and continuity. It’s about having a solid and powerful presence that people can recognize and remember. And personalized large popcorn boxes are a helpful way of getting your brand out there in front of the right audience.

Custom Pop corn Packaging Boxes Wholesale Packaging Boxes in Australia

Yes, the idea is simple: when customers see your brand on something they like or use frequently, they become loyal to it, adding to your brand’s power.

One powerful way to ensure that you transform your large popcorn boxes into a branding tool is to always use the same colour for your logo.

#3: Customize According To The Size Of The Box

The larger the popcorn boxes are, the more space you have for customizing them. The following are some rules-of-thumb that come in handy when deciding what design would work well on a large popcorn box.

Don’t expand or reduce the size of your original logo or design.

Draw attention to essential elements by enlarging them, not the whole thing.

#4: Add A Custom Handle

A common way of adding value to large popcorn boxes is by adding a custom handle. That will make it easier for customers to carry their popcorn around without hassle.

You can choose from a variety of materials like paper or fabric. You can also add graphics to your handle for that extra punch.

#5: Add Special Messages

Whether you’re having a special event or just another ordinary day at the movie theatre, adding quotes and slogans to large popcorn boxes is an excellent idea since people love to read them.

Don’t forget to add the name and logo of your business and always keep it straightforward.

#6: Use Custom Designs On Wholesale Mini Popcorn Boxes

You don’t always have to go with customized large popcorn boxes. Use your creativity and skills when designing mini ones.

It’s a great way of creating curiosity and attracting even more customers than you could by using large ones alone.

#7: Think About The Size Of The Images

Wholesale large popcorn boxes allow for more significant, more complex designs.

But, keep in mind that sometimes it might be challenging to fit your design into a giant popcorn box. And since every business owner and designer has their unique style and preferences, you should consider how big the images will be before creating them.

Pro Tip: Remember, it’s not about the size of the image but how it is used.

#8: The Packaging Material Should Be Top Quality

One of the primary things that brands usually get wrong is skimping out the packaging materials. The thing is, when you’re making something so big, tiny details make a difference.

Using quality packaging materials to produce your large popcorn boxes can increase their lifespan and save you money in the long run.

#9: Use Top-Quality Print Finishing

Printed popcorn boxes in bulk should be offered high-quality glossy or matte finishes. Printing on cheap materials can often give an unpleasant look to your designs, affecting the customer experience.

That’s why you should always check the quality of print finishing before placing an order for these large boxes.

Some of the most popular finishing coats in the packaging industry are matte and gloss finishing coats. However, you can also go for varnish or soft-touch for a unique feel.

To Sum It All Up

Let’s sum up all that we have learned today. When making customized popcorn boxes for events, birthday parties or movie theatres, you should always think about your brand.
It’s often a good idea to have the same colour for your logo on all of your products and materials. Customizing large popcorn boxes can be hard work, but it’s worth it since they are more effective than plain ones.

It would be best if you always thought about the size of images that will be on your large boxes since it can impact the look of the design.

When looking for packaging materials to use, always go with high-quality ones, which can increase the lifespan of these large boxes and save you money in the long run.
Putting all this information together will help you create an excellent design for your large popcorn box.

How Plus PrintersAU Help You Out

Plus, Printers are a custom packaging solution manufacturing company that believes in making your products look their best.

We have a wide range of services available to you to help make your boxes, bags, cards, and more products even better looking.

For example, when printing large popcorn boxes or wholesale mini popcorn boxes, we use high-resolution printers that can print large formats accurately and quickly. That ensures the quality of your customized popcorn boxes over time.

There are many other printing services available to you, so all you have to do is contact us today!

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