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As 2022 Comes To A Close, It’s A Great Time To Think About The Year Ahead.

Companies desire to differentiate themselves more than ever, and custom packaging is one way to stand out. Considering that 72% of Australian customers say their buying decision is influenced by the packaging design, your packaging could be the main deciding factor between a customer supporting you and your competitor.

As Steve Jobs said, “Packaging can be theatre; it can generate a story.” This is precisely how your brand should view it. Your packaging is one significant way customers interact with your brand. It generates a product experience and speaks volumes about who you are as a competitive brand.

You should invest in inaccurate elements, considering everything from packaging materials to styles. It is always perfect for finding the flawless balance between presentation and functionality.

“Good Packaging Protects Your Product, And Great Packaging Protects Your Brand.”

There are many exceptional packaging trends for 2022, and here are some of our favourites. In addition, these are several ideas to consider, from protection to top-notch design to stay ahead of the packaging game.

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1. Protecting and Tamper-Evident Packaging

Now more than ever, producers and customers focus on health and safety as a top priority. In addition, this investment in health and protection has resulted in the need for defending and tamper-evident packaging.

For instance, we see a lot of producers utilizing blister packs, seal bands, and tamper-evident closures. Using this style of barrier packaging allows customers to see whether their package has been tampered with, providing immense confidence and peace of mind.

In addition, one of the most standards uses for tamper-evident packaging is pharmaceuticals. However, this approach is significant for many industries, including food and beverage, nutraceuticals, and pet care.

2. Connected Packaging

Suppose your goal is to provide more attractive packaging and enhance user experience while gathering relevant data. In that case, connected packaging may be the most acceptable answer you seek.

Also known as intelligent packaging, connected packaging unites technology in its design. This skill is thanks to digital printing technology, which will allow you to transition toward a superior sense of connection. This benefits both your company and your customers.

Your consumers feel involved and understood. You achieve a more profound knowledge concerning preferences, behaviour, and other imperative demographic information.

Part of this current technology approach is the use of QR codes.

Think of these codes as a distinctive thumbprint. This “thumbprint” permits you to identify and connect targeted information concerning a specific package.

Here are some applications:

1. Legalizing authenticity to protect counterfeit product

2. Ability to communicate advertising messages, as well as significant details like geographical location, the date, or instructions

3. Gathering data for market research

This type of custom packaging benefits brands across numerous industries, ranging from personal care to household and industrial chemicals.

3. Clean Copywriting

In the past, we discussed the latest trend of clean packaging. Now, we’re covering the idea of clean copywriting. Clean copywriting is an excellent example of when less is more.

Sometimes, the simpler the brand message, the more likely it will get through to the consumer. The goal is to generate straightforward messaging that showcases the power of words.

“Don’t Design For Brands. Design With People Interacting With Brands.”

Let The Packaging Speak For Itself!

When customers see packaging that carries a clear message, they know precisely what they’re buying.

Sometimes, this is the difference between someone buying an item or moving on.

The key is to avoid “promotion talk” and address your audience more informally, speaking more conversationally. Customers are savvier than ever. They’re tired of being sold that lack legitimacy and transparency. Get this exact, and you’ll stand out among your challengers.

Additional Tips:

The Font You Use Matters. No matter how well-written your message is, what’s the point if your clients can’t read it? Use a crumbly font that matches your brand’s image, whether that custom font is fun and playful or professional.

Keep It Short So That The Text Is Easy To Digest. You want customers to be able to quickly look at your packaging label to see if it’s what they’re looking for. Be precise and paint a picture.

Watch Industry Jargon. Terms used in your business may be second nature to you, but do your consumers speak the same language?

4. Creative Fonts

People identify goods based on the name of the brand and product. So, make sure the names are pure and easy to read.

You can hook customers by using imaginative fonts in your packaging design. For instance, the ever-popular Coca-Cola theme font will always be a classic. The font is modest, straightforward, flowy, and cool to read.

Even when we see that packaging font from a distance, we can often tell that an individual is drinking Coca-Cola just by seeing the printing font on the company’s classic, red background.

For instance, if you need a minimalist look, use bold and huge font for your product name and use one theme colour for your background. Minimalist goods packaging design remains popular.

If you want to get more imaginative with your packaging design, contain small designs or patterns in your packaging that match an exciting and loud font.

5. Transparent Packaging

Individuals appreciate it when brands are honest and transparent.

Successful brands have contained this philosophy!

In custom product packaging, transparency means being truthful with customers. Your packaging should list the product ingredients. It should also remark if the product contains ingredients that might be damaging to some people.

Transparency also can contain using goods packaging to tell your brand story. For instance, if your company dynamically participates in social issues like climate change, use goods packaging to share why the topic is essential. You can contain a small paragraph explaining your product’s advocacy on your packaging.

Transparent Packaging Design Generates A Sense Of Trust And Connection To Your Brand!

6. Secure Packaging

We saw growing use of secure packaging design over the past some years. People have been concerned about security, and companies have responded by creating more sanitary, safe, and secure packaging.

This has become the gold standard of custom product packaging for many goods, exclusively food and beverage products. But remember that it’s fantastic for packaging to look too simple when you value product security more than the design.

The thrilling news is that you can do both. You can produce secure packaging; that’s also fun.

Pro Tip:
“Bad Design Shouts At You. Good Design Is The Silent Seller!”

For example, use bold colours, minimalistic or bold fonts for your company name, showcase your brand’s logo, and incorporate other small design elements into the wholesale packaging to add extra personality.

Adding this last fun into a safe packaging design adds an extra touch of love when your purchaser sees the packaging. And it can often make individuals smile.

7. Colourful and Loud Packaging

Methodical studies show that colours impact people and affect our moods.

Brilliant designers, marketers, and business holders use colour psychology to impact everything from logo design to website design to custom packaging design.

For example, Facebook and Twitter use blue as their primary brand colour. Blue is more fantastic on the eyes and is associated with relaxation.

In contrast, cheerful colours such as orange, red, yellow, and others generate a feeling of fun and joy. Those theme colours are often used on e-commerce sites.

So, if you need to show positivity and fun through product packaging design, use flashy colours!

8. Vivid Gradients

Vivid Gradients have the potential to enthral both designers and customers. Gradients offer the designers a broader diversity and the prospect to advance a design that looks stylish and natural by incorporating shades or placeholders that result in something exceptional.

Gradients provide extensive depth, but they also look exceptional in digital formats. Almost some primary prominent brands have already started to hold gradients in their designs when we look into them. By applying bright and stimulating colour combinations, designers majorly achieve gradient elements in the design.

9. Humorous Illustrations

Many videos and posts on social media become viral because they make us laugh. You can do the same with wholesale product packaging design.

It’s easier to hook customers with your packaging if you can directly connect with them. One of the fastest ways to produce that instant connection is through humour.

You don’t have to produce purposefully funny designs or memes on your printing packaging. A fun, easy-to-understand and well-designed design can be flawless. Many brands or companies collaborate with popular cartoon shows to include those shows on packaging schemes.

“The Aim Of Marketing Is To Know And Understand The Consumer So Well The Product Or Service Fits Him And Sells Itself.”

Seeing familiar fonts on the packaging, mainly when those characters are known for being funny, generates a direct connection that will lead people to purchase the product.

Small businesses don’t have massive budgets.

But they don’t have to devote big money to follow this trend. You can design a funny or thrilling custom illustration that aligns flawlessly with your brand.

But do this only if humour applies to your brand strategy. Humour is excessive, but it’s not appropriate for all brands or at all times.

10. Packaging That Tells a Story

Nothing beats a perfect story. Stories engross people and create more faith and connection to brands. In addition, goods alone can’t tell stories. It would benefit if you created innovative packaging that complements your goods.

There are numerous ways to tell your brand’s story through packaging design. For instance, if you style a beverage, you can design a comic series exemplified on your product’s packaging.

Then continue the story and keep individuals engaged with new product releases.

Stories, particularly on product packaging, can also play a prominent role in strengthening your company’s brand uniqueness.

11. Vintage Packaging

The last numerous years had prompted us to look back on what we used to do when life was customary.

For nearly, this meant looking back five years. But for many, this meant looking back at times.

Individuals love to look back on sentimental things. We can see this latest trend on social media with the growth of retro designs, fashion, music, and more.

Many companies or brands have embraced this design style.

Inventive brands created vintage designs that responded to this trend.

Individuals love vintage designs for their historical worth because vintage designs can be a sweet spot between ancient and new without looking awkward. Vintage design styles are familiar, smooth, and perhaps timeless.

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